10 Best Online Casino Games

10 Best Online Casino Games

Most players are always in search of the best gambling games with the best winning odds. If you are this kind of a player, you should look for casino games with the lowest house edge, as they provide a great winning opportunity. Continue reading this article as we will provide more information about a house edge as well as the top online casino games providing a reasonable house edge.

10 Best Online Casino Games
Casino Games

What Is A House Edge?

Before we discuss online casino games with the best odds, let’s first define the term ‘house edge’. Even if you don’t like playing online casino games, chances are that you might have come across that term. In most cases ‘the house’, which is the online casino always wins over the gamblers. The amount won by the casino is simply referred to as a house edge. The house edge/advantage happens to be the average percentage profit the casino makes from the gambler’s bets, whether on table games like roulette or online slots sessions.

Most players always say the house/casino manipulates the outcome of the game. But, this isn’t the case because physical and online casino games are run by an RNG (Random Number Generator) that ensures the results are entirely random. The casino games as well as the RNGs are audited regularly by 3rd parties ensuring fairness always.

The house advantage can be defined as the long-term average, which the casino expects to gain for every casino game. For example, let’s say the roulette edge is 2.70%, this implies that for each bet made on a roulette game, players should always be prepared to lose an average percent of 2.70%. The greater the house advantage, the worse the player odds. For players to further decrease the house advantage, they will require to use the best playing strategies. Now that we have defined what a house edge refers to, let’s list the top games with the lowest house edge that you can play both the online and physical casinos.

Best Games Having Great Winning Odds

Before picking the best casino game to play, only make sure that you pick the games offering the best odds of winning. Luckily, players are offered a wide range of games having the best odds of winning for gamblers. Though this doesn’t imply that the games with the highest house edge aren’t worth trying. In fact, each casino game is created to offer the house a better, though some are tilted more than others especially the new online gambling games. Let’s take a look below for the best games with great winning odds.

Blackjack (A Low House Edge Of 0.72%)

Popularly known as 21, Blackjack is, without a doubt the best classic skill-based game. The RTP of the Blackjack game is normally the same both at the online and physical online casinos. But, the RNG games and live dealers differ between gambling websites. If you are playing and you are looking for a game with the best winnings odds, you should consider trying a blackjack game. If you get a hand that is closest to 21, you will get a payout of 3:2, while the insurance payout is 2:1, as well as 1:1, is for other wins. You can lower the Blackjack house advantage by utilizing a basic strategy or develop your own skills – this usually lowers it to almost 1%.

Pontoon – house edge of 0.34 percent

This is another casino game with the best rewarding and thrilling derivate from blackjack game. Some popular versions of blackjack include Spanish 21, European Blackjack, Atlantic City, and classic Blackjack.

Baccarat (1.06% House Edge)

Baccarat game falls under classic gaming category and was James Bond’s initial game option. Baccarat game is a popular card game that is famous across the globe as it features very interesting versions like Chemin de Fer, Punto Banco, Baccarat Banque, and Mini Baccarat. In the Baccarat game, the hand of a dealer has a better edge than that of the player’s. But, a 5 percent commission is derived from any wins made by a player. The dealer’s hand usually pays out 0.95:1 and the hand of the player pays out 8:1 for the tie and 1:1, respectively which is a slightly rare outcome.

The dealers’ house advantage is only 1.06% and the hand of the player is 1.24%, while the house edge’s average percentage is over 14% at some online casino sites. Therefore, always make a thorough search on the best online casinos before settling for one.

Roulette Game (1.35% House Advantage)

Roulette game happens to be one of the longest-standing table games. some of the best roulette versions include French and American roulette. All features of roulette come with the best winning odds.

French Roulette

We will begin with this variant of roulette because it has the smallest odds of winning. This game features 2 unique rules, which make it a thrilling game to play and provides gamblers with the lowest house advantage. When a roulette ball rests on the 0 marks when the gambler places an even number wager, the player’s payout will be half of the amount bet. This is the first unique rule, which is referred to as la partage. The second unique rule is known as en prison and the bet will be available during the next spin if it’s in effect and when the ball rests on mark 0. If this leads to winning, players are allowed to collect their initial bet, and this helps them avoid any losses.

European Roulette (A House Edge Of 2.7%)

This is another variant of roulette, which features one zero at the wheel. The house advantage of this version is very low than the American roulette. This variant is similar to the French roulette, though it doesn’t feature extra rules, which can lower the house advantage. In comparison with the American roulette, this version is the best because it offers players a greater advantage because of its rules associated with better winning chances.

American Roulette (A House Edge Of 5.26%)

This is a popular variant of roulette and is loved by players across the globe, notwithstanding its high house edge. What makes American roulette to be special from other variants is the multiple pockets that are found on each wheel. American roulette is made up of 38 sections, while the rest 2 variants have 37.

An extra pocket is marked with 2 zeroes that reduce the winning odds. The reason behind this is that winning number outcomes becomes smaller by one compared to the numbers of losing because the double zeros aren’t either black/red in the wheel pocket or are they categorized as odd/even numbers.

But, notwithstanding this variant of roulette featuring the worst odds in comparison to other versions, it still provides better odds than other games.

Craps ( 1.4% House Edge)

Some reviews show that craps is a casino game with the worst winning odds. This can be true because some wagers take many dice throws, which makes it tricky to tell the losing and winning potential of craps. This simply implies that some bets feature a very high house advantage, while some will offer great odds for the gamblers. Both dice come with 36 combinations, while hitting a 7 offers the greatest potential of 16.67%, while a 6 or 8 offers 13.9%, and twelve has the smallest, with a potential of 2.78%.

Additionally, to learn how specific numbers works, it’s essential to learn the difference between multi-roll bets as well as single-roll bets. Certain single-roll wagers provide a lower house advantage of 5.56% and some multi-roll wagers provide a stunning house advantage of 0.00%.

Casino war (2.42% house edge that is based on the deck’s number and rules utilized)

This is a less popular card game among players across the globe, though it’s fast-paced. Here, players simply bet on the card that will be higher, either the dealers of the banker’s or a tie, if it’s included. The tie’s payout is normally a high ten to one, though might differ based on the deck utilized in this game, while both the player’s and dealer’s hands have 50/50 odds.

Pai Gow Poker (2.5% House Advantage)

This is another popular variation of poker that is provided at the best casino sites. Players can play this game utilizing a deck of cards in place of the dominos. This is the best casino game having great odds and sticks the normal poker hand rankings, though the 2nd strongest had of this poker variation is ‘a wheel’ and contains an Ace, 5, 4, 3, and 2. Similar to blackjack and poker, this game needs the best skills, and you can design your own strategies, which can help you elevate your winning odds in every game.

Sic Bo (2.78% House Edge)

Sic Bo is a stunning casino dice game that requires players to bet on three dice rolls outcome. Players make their wagers on some sections of the table, which are marked with certain wagers, after which a banker will place 3 dice in a tiny sealed chest. The banker then shakes the chest whereby the dice gets revealed.

In this particular game, the house edge is great for most wagers. For instance, the Lower and Big wagers provide 2.78% house advantage, with most of the wagers providing between 19% and seven percent on the house advantage including the 3 Dice Total and Single Dice Bet. But, you might find other riskier wagers that have a huge house advantage ranging from 29.2% to 47.2%, including certain Triples and Doubles bets.

Slot Games ( 4 To 8 House Advantage)

Of all casino games, slots are very popular among players. Also, they are the simplest to learn and play. But, it’s crucial to pick casino slot machines with a greater winning possibility to decrease the house advantage. This task is simple because all you are required to do is to check the payout of the game. The RTP of the game is usually expressed in form of a percentage and that’s the amount the game pays back for every spin made.

Although the slot machines with a greater payout is likely to lead to more winnings, the amount of those winnings might be smaller. Games having smaller payouts usually don’t pay out more often, but when they do, players can expect very huge winnings.

Keno (16% House Edge)

Keno is the most famous lottery-style game, which follows the bingo game in the popularity of bets. While

The game’s house advantage is 16% at most physical casinos, the edge can increase up to 30% at online casinos. However, before you decide to ignore this game, you should note that keno is a chance-based game similar to a lottery and the results are entirely random. If you are looking for a lottery-style or bingo game, you should consider checking out Keno.

Wheel Of Fortune (16% House Edge)

This is another casino game that enjoys high popularity as both the physical and online casinos as it offers so much fun to players. Normally, the Wheel of Fortune is created on TV shows and is a very engaging casino game, and the bankers respond to players live and in real-time. But, this game features a greater house advantage compared to other games, therefore, it’s good to note that so that you can plan your bankroll well.


While playing casino games with the best winning odds, it’s good to understand that they don’t assure a winning always. Although games having the best odds provides the best value, titles with the best casino odds normally payouts better. Also, you can lower the house edge of your favorite casino game by learning the best skills or you can create your own. Always assess the game’s probabilities, risks, and chances of winning. You should always look for the games with the lowest house edge and providing better winning odds at any of the best casinos both physical and land-based casinos. You can even consider one of the games we have listed above.