Sic Bo Strategy: Get Ready To Win at the Dice Game

Sic Bo Strategy: Get Ready To Win at the Dice Game

While most players are always arguing that there isn’t any Sic Bo strategy that can be used to win on this game because this is a game that largely depends on luck, this doesn’t imply that there are no tips that can be followed to track the results of those 3 dices. Although it’s very challenging to guess 100% correctly the numbers that will show up, this doesn’t imply that it’s not possible to get the most out of this game by making correct decisions, while applying caution and discipline. In this article, we will list some of the best strategies and how to use them to win like a master.

Sic Bo Strategy
Dice Game

The Defensive Strategy

Sic Bo is one of the casino games that are based on luck, but, the fact with this game is that the type of wagers that you will make can either break or make your game. When playing this game, you will require to be very patient, which implies that you should be ready to defend instead of attacking. Sic Bo gamers that play Sic Bo using the defensive strategy, not only succeed in retaining most of their bankroll but can remain longer playing as well. If you consider playing using this specific strategy, you might be capable of enjoying a great profit. The highest rate you will get while playing Sic Bo is 2.78% and for you to achieve the same percentage, it’s essential to concentrate on Big and Small wager types and specific combination bets.

Big And Small Bets

If you consider making the big and small wagers, you will be able to win more regularly. Before we discuss any more details, we will begin by describing the meaning of big and small wagers. A Small wager is when a gamer guesses that the roll’s total of the 3 dice will range from 4 – 10, while the Big wagers rotate around the gamer guessing the dice’s total to range from 11-17. For the Big wagers, the odds are 1:1 that implies that you will be risking making less money compared to the amount you would make with the Small wager, though you get a chance to win something as well. If you take a closer look at the rules of Sic Bo, you will definitely realize that wagering on one number, the winning chances are a bit lower. However, if you consider betting on one number, you should focus mainly on one die and try predicting the number of the 6 that will show up. It’s very rare to wager many times on a similar number and get the same results.

Combination Bet

A combination bet is a particular bet on 2 numbers, where gamers get a small advantage of at least 2.77%. this type of bet is often overlooked by most players especially the newbies, though it’s good to opt for this kind of a strategy because it offers a great opportunity to win and its odds is 6:1, which implies that the gamers should expect to make a winning in 1 out of 7 bets. For a great outcome, combination bets must be used more often and ultimately. If you succeed in mastering this strategy, you will be guaranteed the type of constant payouts compared to other kinds of wagers that are riskier.

Low-Risk Strategy – Suitable For The Newbies

Even though the strategies we have listed above, might seem suitable for the new players, the fact is that they can be utilized by anyone perfectly. Bearing that in mind, all the strategies mentioned above are all suitable for the new players as it trains them on limiting their losses in the long-term and aid them to become equipped with the pros and cons of the game. Without a doubt, Sic Bo’s strategies allow the players to learn more about the game before they enter the casinos. With this, players can approach this difficult casino game with a lot of confidence and without risking most of their hard-earned money. Also, Sic Bo strategies help players to move comfortably from one level to another. But, the main disadvantage of using the low-risk strategy in the Sic Bo game is that players is that it’s repetitive and tends to be very boring. Bearing that in mind, you should learn to practice this strategy, as you will learn how to limit your wagers for a great outcome.

Balanced Strategy

If you are feeling like you are already bored of the Low-risk Sic Bo strategy, you should consider Balanced Strategy as your new pick. This strategy is aimed at the players that are aiming for huge winnings, though this doesn’t imply they should ignore caution. But, to meet the requirements of this specific gaming strategy, the numbers, which will offer you a great chance are nine and twelve as they come with a payout that is near to the probability ( odds against fifteen and 2 as well as payouts of six to one). The main aim here is to place a bet on your preferred total and then integrate it with 3 double bets. For balancing the risk taken, you should pick the doubles, which have the winning probability of your preferred total losses. A good instance of this is: a total of nine won’t win when the double one is bet and equally, a total of twelve won’t win when the double six is bet.

Wagering On Nine

They place their units on a total of twelve and nine on double six, five, and one. The number that will show up is 21 units when nine wins or 22 units when the double wins.

Wagering On Twelve

Place three units on the total of two and twelve units on double six, two, and one. The numbers that will come up is 21 units when the twelve wins or 22 units when a double wins.

High Roller Strategy

This is another strategy that aims at the experienced gamers that want to bet on more and rotates around the winning principle on more than a single bet for a similar outcome. You can attain this by wagering on a total of thirteen or eight (combinations and doubles) at looking at methods of winning 3 times on a similar spin. A wager on a total of eight won’t win when the dice total is made up of double six, five, or four because the total win will be greater than eight. But, the total of eight would be made up of five, two, and one. An eight total would also involve a combination of two and three. A player that wants to follow the high roller strategy should wager as follows.

Wagering On Eight

Put three units on a total of two and eight units on a double of three, two, and one. This happens to be a total bet of eleven units and might return 27 units when eight wins, 22 units when the double win, and twelve units when the combination wins.

Final Thoughts

It doesn’t matter if you are a new or experienced Sic Bo player, this one strategy is something special in its capability to offer something for all types of players in the casino world. You can use strategy at both online and land-based casinos as well as on mobile apps. Once you master all the strategies we have listed above, we assure you that you will never think of playing any other casino game online apart from Sic Bo. But, apart from learning all those strategies, you also need to ensure that you pick the best Sic Bo online casinos there is. This is to ensure that you experience the best gaming experience both on the site and when playing on the mobile apps. Picking a secure online casino is also key, as you will always try out all your Sic Bo strategies comfortably without fearing losing your private data to frauds. You should ensure that you follow the criteria you would use when looking for an online casino to play other types of casino games. You should ensure that your preferred casino online offers different versions of games. In addition to that, the casino should offer quick payouts and shouldn’t limit your transactions. Not only that, all the available payment methods should be popular, secure and those require very low charges. Below are some of the online casinos that you can join to enjoy the thrilling experience of the Sic Bo game;

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